SHW has advanced the use of hard data to develop strategies that identify key housing needs. Working with Katharine Gale and Focus Strategies, experts in the area of data performance, SHW uses their technical guidance to promote system-level thinking. The work of SHW continues to focus on the goals established by the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Act signed by President Obama that mandates:


    • Decrease in duration of homelessness episodes;
    • Decrease in returns to homelessness;
    • Decrease in the number of people who become homeless;
    • Decrease in overall homelessness


SHW understands that by changing our approach to targeting resources, we can effectively end homelessness. As data is increasingly used to understand the effectiveness of the system, we understand the impact of our investments and align funding as needed. Measures cover the number of people successfully housed and how quickly and how permanently. This work enriches funding conversations with key stakeholders.